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The Original Bralette, SassyBax’s flagship bra, was invented in 2003 by SassyBax® founder Amanda Andereck. The first of its kind, the Original Bralette became a media sensation for solving the issue of bra bulge or back fat. She and her bra were featured on Good Morning America, The TODAY Show, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and selected as one of Oprah's Favorite Things.

The bra was revolutionary as it has no seams or hardware to bind, pinch, poke dig or chafe. It’s no wonder that Oprah herself called it the “best invention since the fork” and that it has been deemed “the most comfortable bra in the world.”


  • 92% Microfiber Nylon 8% Lycra

  • No Underwire

  • No Seams

  • No hooks, clips, hardware

  • Stretchy self-adjusting straps

  • Wide strap for shoulder comfort

  • Used for many post-surgical applications*

  • Sold in select doctor's offices, hospitals, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, and lymphedema therapists offices for post-surgical healing


*Please consult your doctor before using this or any of any of our products for medical reasons

*SassyBax® or anyone associated with SassyBax® make no medical claims


Product Reviews

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Written by Nancy Gooding on 20th Apr 2021

This is hands down the most comfortable bra I have ever worn and I would highly recommend it to friends and family. I am a larger bust size and I can comfortably play tennis in it, as there is enough support to be able to do that. I bought the original bralette and also the one with underwire support and they are equally comfortable. Nancy

Original Bralette
Written by Jacqueline Ebeling on 11th Jan 2021

I have had breast cancer twice and I find this bra amazingly comfortable and just an amazing garment. Thank you!

It’s simply the best!
Written by Annie on 12th Oct 2020

It’s simply the best and most comfortable bra I have ever worn. I’ve struggled my whole life to find a bra that doesn’t hurt and actually supports me. The Sassybax bralette does way more than that. It is so comfortable and supportive at the same time. It’s the only bra I will ever wear from now on. Thank you so much Sassybax!

The product delivers on what they say the bra will do!!!
Written by Dee on 29th Jul 2020

I'm a "C" cup and in good physical health. One thing you can't stop is skin will eventually start to sag, whether you weigh 150 or 250 and you're gonna get backfat lines in your more form fitting clothing. The Sassy Original bra has completely eliminated any lines on my back in my tight clothing. l think the bra comes up a little too high into my armpits. Shows on most sleeveless clothing and will obviously get more sweat on the bra. But I still will buy another!!! Response from Amana The armholes are cut higher you are correct. This is to tuck the side jiggly bits! Try pulling it down a bit to accommodate sleeveless tops and dresses.

support with comfort
Written by Janet Young on 21st Jul 2020

bralettes often lack support, sassybax has both support and comfort.

The most comfortable bra on the market
Written by JUDY ZONE on 5th Nov 2019

I don't remember how I found out about Sassybax, but I have been wearing this bra every night to bed for at least ten years. I often wear this bra all day as well. They do wear out eventually. Certainly don't put them in the dryer. But there is no bra on the market that stays put, does not ride up, provides support, and looks good under clothes, and lasts so long like this bra. Period.

My "girls" are happy
Written by peti johnson on 21st Oct 2019

comfort! just wish the straps were a bit wider, for us heavier gals.

I Love These Bras and have worn for years!
Written by CarolB. on 19th Apr 2019

These are so well made, Supportive and comfortable. Although I also love a well fitting regular bra, I always come back to Sassybax.

Still The Best!
Written by Barbara Silverstein on 1st Dec 2018

My last review was written November 16, 2015. This is the fourth batch of seven bralettes I have purchased over the years. I expect these Sassybax to wear just as perfect as my very first purchase years ago. I look great coming and going!

such a relief
Written by Happy Camper on 26th Nov 2018

I order a size larger than I ordinarily wear, and it's perfect for me. My skin breaks out with any rubbing or abrasion but this bra hugs instead of rubs.

sooo comfy
Written by undefined on 20th Nov 2018

This bra is so comfortable and easy to wear. Great fabric and well made.

Go to sleep bra, and casual day bra
Written by JUDY ZONE on 11th Oct 2018

This has been my sleep bra for a decade. I have not found anything else with the substance, elasticity, and durability. I have several, and they last for years with washing on delicate cycle and line drying. I also wear on lay around the house casual days. I don't know what I would do without this bra.

second best but still better than any other!
Written by Barbara on 27th Sep 2018

Amanda suggested that I order the original but what I have been waiting for is the underwire in a 2X. The original is comfortable in the 2X just not as "uplifting" as the underwire.

Always makes me feel great!
Written by Dr. Dian L. Denyer on 6th Sep 2018

I have been using the bralettes for so many years I am afraid to count. Everyone is probably tired of my story. The tripping over the cement in Del Mar, CA, and flipping onto my left shoulder. This resulted in 27 fractures..... Ouch! That was four years ago.....I do not know what i would of done if I did not have Sassybax. I could slip it on with one arm, which was important. Amanda, your product is the best, and it is all that I use. Thank you so much.

Third One ... say YES
Written by undefined on 15th May 2018

I first heard about this bralette from my doctor. He uses them for implant patients after surgery. Also have two of the original torso trim tops. When I visit family in the North winters are cold. Always wear the torso top for extra warmth plus I like the feel of the snug fit when it's cold. Yes, these items are pricey but after you try it, you will agree it is worth the extra money.

Very happy with this!!
Written by undefined on 9th May 2018

I'm really pleased that you have upgraded the sizes of your bra! I really need the 2X! Thanks

Best bra of my life!
Written by undefined on 3rd Mar 2018

I've been wearing this bra for years and years now. I no longer remember where I heard about it. Oprah perhaps? No, they're not cheap but they last for ages...and they get the job done. I highly recommend them.

Love this bra!!
Written by undefined on 9th Jan 2018

Just had breast surgery and it was perfect for rehab and plan to continue wearing them after. Very comfortable with just the right amount of support.

Best In Class!
Written by Bonnie Iler on 25th Nov 2017

I've worn the Bralette off and on for years and find that I don't have to give up comfort for good support (I wear a 38DDD bra). I've never found anything else to compare.

Fabulous Bra
Written by Karen Banks on 16th Oct 2017

I have wore the Sassybax bra for 10 plus years. I absolutely love it!

The most comfortable Bra ever!!!
Written by Dr. Dian L. Denyer on 16th Jul 2017

I have been using Sassybax for years. I have gone thru extensive shoulder surgery and this was the only bra that worked for me. They are really made well with enough elastic so that you do not feel you have a tight band around you.....You can wear them with anything.

The Bralette is my go to bra for 14 years straight!
Written by Ellen on 10th Jul 2017

The bralette is the most amazing bra, I have been wearing one since 2003! It is the only style bra I will wear. As a large breasted woman I could never find a bra that fit well. The cup size was always off and the straps left indents in my shoulders, I was miserable. When I tried my first brakette in 2003 it was truly life changing. I didn't even feel like I had a bra on, it was that comfortable. The bralette is durable too, I still have and wear my original one that is over 14 years old, a regular style bra would never last that long with weekly use. I can't recommend the bralette enough, once you try it you will be transformed physically and emotionally!

Written by Donna Dauria on 3rd Jul 2017

The most comfortable bra EVER!!!

Very Good Quality
Written by Betsy Calhoun on 28th May 2017

Very good quality. I ordered the Large and it seemed bulky. I love the back coverage so will order a medium and hopefully get a better fit.

No More Wire For Me!
Written by Jane Kelly on 10th Dec 2016

For the last 18 months I've been wearing the Large Undrerwire Bralette. It just wasn't feeling snug and not much lift. I decided to go down a size and get the Original Bralette. Best decision I ever made! The fit is perfect, I'm lifted, comfortable, and most important, NO back fat!!! I've ordered 2 more this weekend! Thanks Amanda, great product!

Most comfortable bra ever
Written by A Satisfied Customer on 30th Jun 2016

I find the Sassybax barlette the most comfortable bra I have worn. The quality is very good I have a few that have lasted for over a year no special care for washing. I do like them very much

Simply The Best!
Written by Barb Silverstein on 16th Nov 2015

This is the third batch of the bralette I have purchased over the years. I buy seven at a time. I care them as recommended and they last! These are the most comfortable bras I have ever worn. I am not a fashionista by any means, but I know I am looking good coming and going. There is a whole lot of ugly going on with women wearing flesh squeezing undergarments. There are imitations of the bralette out there. The quality is not the same and not made in North America. Yay for Sassybax! Amanda's Response! We are so grateful for you! Thanks for your kind words and we are happy that you are happy!

My Go To Bra
Written by Jo on 2nd Nov 2015

I have been wearing Bralettes for 6 years. I love the smooth back and for me they are great for support without causing shoulder dents! I never worry about a strap slipping off my shoulder and don't need to do any adjusting! I have shared the Bralettes with girl friends and they love them also. I have tried other knockoff products but no one can beat this style - they are worth every penny! Thanks!

The best bra ever
Written by Patti Thoming on 20th Oct 2015

Once I bought your bras I threw my others away. The wide back smoothes the back lines. I would love to see the bralette and underwire bralette in a 3x. Thank you for the best bra I've ever worn! Amanda's Response: Thanks Patti for your kind words. We would love to make a 3X if we could find a Santoni Machine to make it with the same integrity our product is known for. Each bra size requires a different cylinder circumference and we are still searching for that one.

Te best bra ever!!!
Written by Dr. Dian Denyer on 21st Sep 2015

I have been wearing Sassybax bras for years......They are so comfortable. About a year and a half ago I fell and had 27 fractures in my shoulder . I could not wear anything but the Sassybax bralette- It literally was the only bra I could wear as my husband would help me pull it up from the bottom. I was already in a lot of pain and having a bra that I could wear and not hurt my shoulder was the best. I could go on and on and I think I have.

The best I've ever found.
Written by Pat Gill on 28th Aug 2015

Thanks, Amanda. I've been wearing this bra since the first editorial comment in -- what -- Newsweek?? -- maybe 10years or so. I usually get 2 new ones a year. I still would like to try a 3X but until then, the 2X will do. Amanda's Response: You are welcome! We were featured in TIME Magazine the first year of our business and it put us on the map. Thank you for your loyalty and I am so happy you love our bra!

Great purchase
Written by Nedra on 11th Aug 2015

I had a mastectomy last year which left me with a slight lymphedema problem. This bra was recommended by my physical therapist for light compression. It is perfect! Not only does it give me compression, it is perfect for holding my silicone breast prosthetic. It is comfortable with wide side panels and looks great. Highly recommend it.

Written by Colorful Customer on 3rd Aug 2015

Have bought this bra in the 3 basic colors at least 3 times each for the past 6-7 years, I have been a very satisfied customer. The black, white, and nude are just fine BUT I'd like to see come, navy, dark brown, purple; even a chartreuse or orange. Worn under a sheer blouse the colorful bra would help with my fashion statement for someone over 65 who still feels 29 years old! Amanda's Response: We're so happy you love our bras. We used to do colors but then colored bras went out of favor. Maybe we'll try them again!

Best bra I ever owned.
Written by A Happy + Brave Customer on 21st Jul 2015

Coming home from a hospitalization for cancer and with a wound that made it impossible to even wear a bra, I couldn't wait for life to get back to normal. And when I could finally wear my Sassybax again, I was one thrilled camper. Amanda's Response: We are so pleased you are doing well and have found relief with our bra! Stay well.

Written by Very Happy & Brave Customer on 24th Jun 2015

I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction and could not find a bra that was comfortable until I discovered this one in the gift shop at Baylor Hospital. Even my breast surgeon commented on how nice it is. Glad I can order online when I need more. I have 5 now and these are the only bras I wear! Amanda's Response: The more women I hear from that have had surgeries like yours, the more committed I am to our product because it is so needed. Your are brave and I am glad we can be a part of your recovery and health.

Best bra I've ever owned!
Written by Catherine Oliver on 4th Jun 2015

I am large busted woman and have been wearing ONLY this bra for some years now. Even with underwires nothing 'did the job' like this bra. Don't balk at the price. I still have and wear everyone I've bought. Amanda's Response: Thank you for your kind words Catherine. We love making women comfortable and happy in their bras!

Best bra I've ever had
Written by A more than happy customer on 18th Mar 2015

Fits perfectly with all the support I need. I have been wearing these bras for over two years now and would highly recommend them. Amanda's Response: Thank you! I am happy to hear that you are pleased with our product. :)

literally saved me, when I fractured my shoulder in 27 places
Written by Dr. Dian L. Denyer on 2nd Feb 2015

There are not enough good things to say about this product. I have used the sassybax bralette for years....The true test came when I tripped in Del Mar and literally had 27 fractures to my shoulder and a broken arm. This was October 2013. After months without the ability to put a bra on, I was able to put the brallette on with one arm. It was challenging but it worked. So, yes this bra was, and is my go to bra....Thank goodness I can now use 1 1/2 arms to slide it on. COMPANY RESPONSE: Dear Dr. Denyer, I am so happy we could be of assistance at such difficult time of your life. We hear stories like yours often and there is nothing that makes me more satisfied with my work than to know my products provide more than just comfort and help to look better. They are therapeutic. All the best for your continued recovery, Amanda Kennedy Owner+Founder

Written by Emma Trevino on 5th Jan 2015

The ONLY bra I like, I have tried many! Amanda's note: Emma, if you read this, I answered your email for a return authorization for the racerback on Dec. 24th and I forwarded it today 1/6/15. Please see your emails. Thanks!

Finally one that fits
Written by LJ on 15th Nov 2014

I am a breast cancer survivor and have spent an amazing amount of money trying to find a bra that is not uncomfortable. I finally found it!!! Thank you so much

Best Bra Ever!!!
Written by Phyllis on 22nd Oct 2014

I have been wearing this bra since I first heard of it 9 years ago. I still have the original one I purchased - a little stretched out but ok for lounging around the house. Sassybax despite the $60 price tag has saved me so much $$ previously wasted on ill-fitting, uncomfortable bras...... just bought 2 more in the last few months I am set for years to come!!!! Love the Sassybax Bralette!!! Please never change it!!

Written by A more than happy customer on 25th Aug 2014

For the majority of my 68 years I have refused to wear a bra. To confining and uncomfortable. So imagine my surprise when I bought my first sassybax. Now I wear a bra that I can easily wear all day. I have 3 or more in all 3 colors. Thank you Amanda AMANDA'S REPLY Thanks for your kind words. I am so happy to make you more comfortable. That's what we are all about at Sassybax. XO Amanda Kennedy Founder

My all time favorite bra!!
Written by Pat on 3rd Aug 2014

A friend told me about Sassybax, I ordered one and couldn't believe how wonderful it was! No back fat, high enough on the sides to completely hold me up the seamless bra is fantastic! I now have my favorite bra, I never have to shop around for another bra!! Amanda Kennedy's Response Thank you Pat for your review. We are excited to hear how happy you are. We know that no bra is for everyone but we are thrilled when we can make someone as happy as we have you! Please thank your friend for telling you about us. That's a friend that is watching your back!

SOOOO Comfy!!!!
Written by Ally on 23rd Jun 2014

I love love love this bra. So comfortable and surprisingly supportive. I am a DD and never thought I'd be able to wear a bra like this. :):):)

Can't live with out the Sassybax Bralette!
Written by Very Pleased on 16th Apr 2014

This is so comforting to put on after a day of wearing the underwire bra I need to use in public. But when I sleep and get comfy at home this gives me the most support and comfort. Please do not discontinue this bralette.

Written by Extremely Pleased Customer on 12th Dec 2013

I had to have a biopsy recently and bought the Bralette hoping that it would prove to be comfortable to wear while the place healed. Not only was it comfortable as I healed but I have continued to use it as my go-to bra! I just love how it feels. I'm certain to buy more.

Keeping it together
Written by Dr. Dian L. Denyer on 16th Sep 2013

When I found this item many years ago I was elated. It was not like the sports bras I would buy which would flatten everything...This was unique in the way it covered the lumps and bumps and you still looked great. I love this item....If you stop carrying this item, I will need to learn how to sew!! Dr. Dian l. Denyer

Fan Letter
Written by undefined on 16th Jul 2013

I never thought I would be writing a fan letter to a bra company but here I am doing it. I love your bras. I had my implants removed and I couldn't wear an underwire. There was an underwear shop in my plastic surgeon's office (Artisan Undies). I bought two Sassybax and I love them. Enough said. Thanks for a great product. (wants name unpublished)

Most amazing comfort
Written by Jessica Maddox on 3rd Jul 2013

I love this bra and will wear no other. I first became aware it existed through a store. It is really a good design in the back too and totally cures back fat.

Perfect Bra for lumpectomy with lymph node removal
Written by Ruth Tanguay on 31st May 2013

I am still healing from a recent lumpectomy with lymph node removal and this bra was mentioned in one of the cancer blogs so I thought I'd try it. It offers full coverage of the surgical sites, support and just the right amount of pressure at the lymph node removal site to take the discomfort away. I wish I had known about it before I went into surgery.