The Original Torso Trim

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Looking for a one-of-a-kind camisole? Look no further! The seamless knit Original Torso Trim is made of 90% soft Microfiber nylon and 10% Lycra. Wear under blouses, dresses, or on its own, this cami will become an absolute staple in your closet.



  • 90% Microfiber Nylon 10% Lycra

  • Smooths tummy, muffin tops, back

  • Eliminates bra bulge / back fat

  • Provides a built-in bra

  • Made in USA

  • Frequently recommended by doctors and physical therapists for multiple post-surgical applications


*Please consult with your doctor before using this product for medical reasons

*SassyBax® or anyone associated with SassyBax® make no medical claims


Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 16 ratings)
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Original Torso Trim
Written by Jeanne Duerring on 15th Dec 2020

A beautiful product. I wear it to help control my lymphedema as well as smooth my middrift. thank you

Review of original torso trim
Written by Beth Angelo on 21st Oct 2020

I truly love the torso trim. My posture is better and therefore my lower back hurts less. And I look and feel trimmer. Very worth the price.

So cozy
Written by Charlotte on 17th Sep 2020

I live in a cold climate and although I wear this year 'round, I love it in winter. It's the perfect layering piece because it doesn't add bulk. In fact, it slims in even the bulkiest sweaters and provides a bra. I am hardly ever without it.

Wear it everyday.
Written by Donna Helmer on 8th Sep 2020

I really like the torso trim. I will not go a day without it. It limits my lumps. The only problem is the price. It never seems to go on sale and at $80 a piece it is quite pricy. Amanda's Response: I am glad you like it enough to wear it everyday! Most customers tell us they have theirs for years and years. We are made in the USA with the finest quality fabric, craftsmanship and organic dyes. I hope that helps you understand that while we may cost more than cheaper brands that don't last a year, you are worth it! And we do sales! Stay on our mailing list and get the announcements.

Most comfortable "bra" I've ever worn
Written by kathy a rose on 22nd May 2020

I love the Sassybax torso trim. I've been looking for a bra that doesn't pinch but still makes me look good and I've found it. The fabric is very solid, worth the high price, and it should last forever.

great undergarment
Written by undefined on 2nd Mar 2020

The torso trimmer is something I have been wearing everyday for a while now. It does hold me in and is comfortable. It is also nice and soft. I have several colors and am always looking for new colors to add to my collection which they do offer new colors occasionally in limited quantities. The basic colors are always available.

BEST thing I've ever wore!
Written by Kate McClanaghan on 16th Oct 2019

I frickin LOVE this product. It shapes me and makes me look and feel pulled together... even when I'm not! Best bra/shapewear product available...and I've tried them ALL! Great value, too!

Truly slimming and COMFORTABLE
Written by Cheryl on 2nd May 2019

I originally purchased the torso trim to firm my core to provide some back support. and it worked beautifully. Not only does it help me use my stomach muscles, smooth out the love handles and make my clothes fit better, but, it has helped strengthen my core by reminding me to suck in and sit/stand taller, which has helped somewhat relieve lower back aches. I wash them in cold water/gentle cycle and hang to dry NO DRYER. They wear like iron. after 3-4 years, still going strong. I just bought two more in different colors. The biggest part of Torso Trim, though is that they are Comfortable!

Great product
Written by undefined on 17th Oct 2018

I've been buying this product for years. I just wish the bra material was a little thicker to prevent "show-through." Amanda is wonderful to work with.

Best Product
Written by undefined on 21st Aug 2018

I am so excited the original torso trim is back in stock in multiple colors. I am a breast cancer survivor and struggle finding a product that doesn’t aggravate my lymphedema. This is the one product I can wear all day without pain. I can even work out and still have the support I need. This is truly a blessing!

Stops the jello jiggle!
Written by undefined on 10th Jul 2018

Love sassybax torso trim! Thank you for finally having plus sizes in stock! A "bigger" girl can wear this and feel comfortable. I've been wearing Sassybax since Oprah first recommended them, they last for a long time, justifying the price point. 4 stars because I would prefer to have the underwire torso trim, like the way it offers more upper support, however haven't had those in plus sizes for a long time.

Love love love it!
Written by Patricia on 7th Dec 2017

I can't get enough Sassybax products. They can never be considered expensive when you consider how long they last. The first one I bought is as strong as this latest product that was delivered.

Best In Class!
Written by Bonnie Iler on 25th Nov 2017

I've worn the Bralette off and on for years and this year tried the Torso Trim. It too cannot be beat! It smoothes things out without being tight and uncomfortable. I feel like I'm wearing the human equivalent of a Thundershirt and find that I don't want to take it off! I just ordered a bunch more so I can wear them to work every day.

My 5th sassybax
Written by Lisbeth Calandrino on 26th Mar 2017

Over the past 5 years I have ordered 5 of these. I wear them to the gym. They are absolutely terrific; they hold you in and look great. Throw them in the washing machine, inside out and they're perfect. I'm ordering two more today. I hope they don't discontinue them. I wish they made them in colors. Response from Amanda: We are NOT discontinuing them. They are one of our top sellers!

Awesome for many reasons
Written by Gina on 9th Oct 2016

I wear this for a multitude of reasons but mainly for the comfort. It smooths everything out and supports my bust, keeps me all in check. I have been wearing it since 2005 and have tried competing brands but there's nothing like this original.

Best Torso Trim Ever!
Written by Anonyous on 26th Aug 2016

Tried many products but none has ever done the job like Sassybax.