Slimming leg, booty boosting legging with sexy heels

Booty Boosting Leggings

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    Our Patented Booty Boosting Leggings ®, featured on Rachel Ray, The Today Show, and in Oprah Magazine are simply amazing for as many reasons as their applications suggest. They will trim your tummy, lift your booty, slim your legs and massage them all at once. We have customers who swear by them for flying because they report they keep swelling down in legs, ankles and feet.*

    We hear that some doctors have recommeded them to their patients for postsurgical* procedures as well as to their patients who stand on their feet all day for to support the legs and / or varicose veins.* They're also good for prevention of varicose veins and swelling.

    These leggings are truly where fashion meets function. 

     85% Nylon/13% Lycra/2% Cotton 

    • Age defying Patented Support Systems 
    • Tightens Tummy
    • Lifts, Rounds & boosts the booty
    • Hides Cellulite
    • Trims hips and thighs
    • Slims the legs
    • No rolling waistband 
    • Completely opaque 
    • Adjustable waistband can be worn at the waist or below the navel
    • *Used for many medical applications*


     *As with all our products that are used for medical reasons, check with you doctor to see if it is right for you.


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    1. bought two pairs years ago

      I love them and they will last forever. Thick material - no see through! on 16th Nov 2019

    2. Love, Love, LOVE these leggings!

      These leggings are so comfortable and flattering - and they never lose their shape. Best ever! on 8th May 2019

    3. Booty Boosting Leggings

      I love this legging because it gives me a rounder perkier behind. I can't wear it with my butt showing but I wouldn't do that anyway! I wear leggings with a tunic or long sweater. on 24th Jan 2019

    4. My O My!

      My booty is a little flat and this legging makes it plump up like I have been working out. In addition, the leg on this legging is so flattering and makes my legs look really slim. I love the fabric because it's strong and supportive. on 26th Oct 2016

    5. BIG FAN!

      I love these leggings. I would love to see the return of the capri length. Additionally, how about a few other colors?! White, chocolate brown?

      Amanda's Response: We would love to do colors again. Maybe in the Fall!
      on 15th May 2016

    6. Love These Leggings

      I have had these leggings before....misplaced another pair so I could love them again!

      on 2nd Sep 2015

    7. Great overall shaper legging

      Good quality leggings, nice and thick and definitely suck in and firm up the legs. I recently have birth and was looking for a pair of shapers to wear while getting back in shape. I'm 5'4, normally 105 lbs, currently 119 lbs. The size small fits - it is snug but not cutting off circulation. My one complaint is the waist band. I wish it were a bit wider. It is somewhat narrow, and being a control top band, it does dig into my waist some (im sure due in part to recently giving birth, but if the band were wider this would be more comfortable.)

      Amanda's Response:
      Thanks for your review! Just as an FYI...
      At 5'4 and 119 lbs. you would actually be a M in this product and be more comfortable until you loose the baby weight. That way the waist band would not dig. Our waist band is one of the most talked about one's out there b/c it doesn't roll or dig. The other thing you could do is to try our other legging (The Convertible) which has a 6" doubled waist band that would actually help you get your figure back after baby. The compression helps the skin go back and it is very comfy!

      on 11th Feb 2015

    8. love them, love them ,love them.

      I love my Booty Boosting Leggings.You see no bulging, and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is smooth.No wiggling or jiggling and your size actually become smaller.I sing their praises to everyone. I feel as if I just discovered America.Buy them, buy them, buy them,but save some for me.worth every dime.Proudly put my name on this review.Thank you Sassybax Madeline Butler on 23rd Dec 2013

    9. These are the best leggings I have ever worn .

      If you are looking for any slimming products or just a smoother look sassybax is your one stop shop. I have had so many compliments. The dresses are amazing to wear at the office. Put together the right way you get a very professional look. Thus is totally a 5 star product!!!!!! on 16th Sep 2013

    10. World's Best Leggings

      I have been a fan of Sassybax Booty Boosting leggings for years, and I've tried many different brands. The structure, control, and uplifting feature of these leggings is unsurpassed; they wash beautifully, wear beautifully, and lend support to legs with an energizing amount of stretch that is comfortable all day long. I travel in them often because they keep my legs from getting tired, and they look more substantial than loose/messy cotton leggings; they actually have a clean, dressy look to them. I love these leggings! I wish they came in white! on 5th Aug 2013

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