Ways to Wear: The Season of The Legging

Did you feel that? That crisp cool wind blowing across your skin? The leaves are changing, the smell of cinnamon is filling the air, and pumpkins are lining porches across the country. Fall is here. AKA, the season of the legging!

It’s not surprising that we here at SassyBax are huge fans of leggings. We practically live in ours every day. Leggings are easy, comfortable, and if they’re from SassyBax, fit you like a second skin. Why wouldn’t you wear them 24/7?

We see nothing wrong with donning a great pair of stretchy leggings as your walk out your door to face the world. While there are countless leggings to choose from, we would recommend our Booty Boosting Leggings.

Featured on Rachel Ray, The Today Show, and by Oprah Magazine, The Patented Booty Boosting Legging will trim your tummy, lift your booty, slim your legs and massage them all at once. Not to mention they are completely opaque. No need to fear when bending over!

The outfit options are limitless, but here are three fun ways to wear SassyBax Booty Boosting Leggings in your everyday life.

Army Green Jacket W/ Basic T or Tank!

When you’re working from home in your comfy leggings all day, getting dressed to go out can feel like a chore, but it doesn’t have to. There’s no reason to dread your closet when you’ve got great basics. Enter the classic white-t and the army green jacket.

Just slip your tee over your SassyBax bralette (we know you’re wearing one wink wink ), throw on the jacket, top it all off with a pair of boots, and you’re ready to go!

Let your legs, and maybe your behind, if you’re feeling cheeky, be the star in this super casual, but completely put together ensemble. Hit the grocery, the park, or happy hour with your tribe.

No one would ever suspect that half an hour ago, you were huddled in front of your computer, or chasing your kids around the house trying to get them to their Zoom math class. Style has never been so easy.

Sweater Dress W/ Leggings

With quarantine taking over our lives, it might feel like you haven’t been outside in ages, much less had a night out. You might have even forgotten what to do when getting ready for a night on the town.

If you’re like us, just the thought of trading in those stretchy warm leggings for a pair of constricting jeans, and heels you haven’t worn in six months is enough to send you back to the couch and whatever show you’ve no doubt been streaming.

Fear not. We are here to help you transition back into nightlife. Ease back into the world, one leg at a time. Instead of forgoing your leggings, simply replace your sweat-shirt with that cute sweater dress (or any dress/tunic) that’s been hanging in your closet since last fall.

Add some earrings and a sensible pair of booties and you’ll be ready for date night or girls night in no time flat.

Leggings and a blanket scarf.

Our third and final outfit stems from the need for a super quick fix. Sometimes you just don’t have time to dig out that t-shirt from the laundry bin, or get the wrinkles out of your sweater dress.

When that happens just do what we do. Turn to your old friend, the blanket scarf. Layer that cozy scarf over a simple camisole (try it with the Sassybax Shaper Tank or Original Torso Trim) and greet the day with a smile. It’s perfect for running errands and as a BONUS, it lets you show off the contouring and boosting features of the Booty Boosting Leggings.

Quick Tip: To keep your scarf in place use a safety pin, or ramp your style up a notch with a scarf pin or vintage broach.

We know, we know. This barely scratches the surface and there are so many more ways to show off a great pair of leggings, but these are three of our favorites! Do you have a favorite way to wear your SassyBax leggings?

Let us know in the comments or drop us a line on any of our social channels! Happy Fall, all! Stay sassy!

Oh! And don’t forget. If you’re going outside or around other people, remember to wear your mask.