Shapewear You Can Live In

We all had one. A morning routine. Everyday we’d wake up, stumble to the kitchen for coffee/tea and breakfast and get ready for our day. Fix the hair, put on makeup (if you’re so inclined) and get dressed for work. Day in and day out, this was our normal. Whether it was pant suits, pencil skirts, or blue jeans, it’s a pretty safe bet you were wearing one of them out of the house. Then BAM quarantine hits and we all got thrown for a loop.

Working from home, and if you’re a parent, teaching from home, became the new world order. If you’re like most people the old routines stuck for the first few weeks. It gave us a sense of “normalcy,” security even. With so much out of our control, this was something we actually had a say in. But of course, the routine didn’t last. Slowly but surely, as time wore on, the patience for “real clothes” wore thin. Before you knew it, you were hopping onto your Zoom meeting in a nice blouse and pajama pants, if you bothered to turn on the camera at all.

Isolation hit us hard and one of the first things to go was putting on actual pieces of clothing. Blue jeans gave way to yoga pants and structured tops gave way to hoodies, sweatshirts, and tees. Sure, for a while it’s a liberating feeling to don nothing but a robe and slippers but if you’re anything like us, you soon caught an image of yourself in the mirror and thought you were looking at the house troll.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Quarantine has shined a light on the benefits of ComfortWear and we here at SassyBax would like to share with you the pieces we’re wearing during this time and why we love them.

Booty Boosting Leggings:

The product:

Featured on Rachel Ray, The Today Show, and in Oprah Magazine, the SassyBax® Booty Boosting Leggings will trim your tummy, lift your booty, slim your legs and massage them all at once. Wear them while flying to keep swelling down (if you have to get on a plane!) or, as some doctors have recommended, post surgery to aid in support and healing. These leggings are truly where fashion meets function.

Why We Love It:

Three words here. Comfort, comfort, comfort. These leggings are so much more than shapewear. Easy to put on, easier to live in. The secret to these incredibly comfortable bottoms? They stretch! Whether you’re chasing your children around the house or spending the day in front of your laptop (or both), these leggings will feel like a second skin.

Added bonus:

What they do for your rear. Perfectly accenting the natural curve of your body, the Booty Boosting Leggings definitely live up to their name. Just because you’re in isolation doesn’t mean you can’t show off those assets!


The Product:

This chic top is an excellent layering piece or outerwear tee shirt. The soft jersey fabric won’t flatten the bust, and the medium torso compression smoothes the tummy from under the bra line to hipbone for a sleek midriff silhouette. Firm compression on the arms provides a smooth firm upper arm.

Why We love it:

Other than being super cute on, this top is designed to smooth the upper arm and torso when desired. As with all SassyBax products, the garment is made to move with your body, making it a perfect fit for a more flexible quarantine lifestyle. The Armed+Fabulous top might just be the most comfortable piece of shapewear you will ever own.

Added Bonus:

Due to its scoop neck and sleek structure, the top is perfect for those last minute video conference calls. Slip on a vest, blazer, or a simple necklace to accessorize and you’re ready for a face to face with the boss at the drop of a hat.

The Original Bralette:

The Product:

Featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, countless fashion magazines like Glamour Magazine and InStyle Magazine.

The first of its kind, the Original Bralette is known for solving the age old issue of “bra bulge” and being the most comfortable bra in the world. Soft and yummy seamless microfiber and Lycra®, knit on an Italian knitting machine, has no seams or hardware, ensuring all day comfort and confidence.

Why We Love It:

Perhaps even before the pants, the bra was one of the first garments to go when quarantine hit. When you can angle your camera from the neck up why bother with the rest, right? As much as we understand the thought, there are some days when you just want a little extra support. And it happens to be good for your breast tissue. That’s where this bralette comes in. It’s the perfect tee shirt friendly bra. Smooth lines and no wire make wearing this bra so easy, you’ll forget you have it on! Sometimes we even wear it to sleep.

Added Bonus:

On the rare occasions you do get to leave the house, for groceries or a masked happy hour, there’s no need to change bras. Unlike a sports bra, The Original Bralette supports your breasts, but doesn’t smash them down. Throw on some dreaded jeans and a little white tee shirt and you’re ready to hit the produce aisle.

And there you have it! Three of our favorite pieces to live in and why we love them so much. Are you rocking the ComfortWear like we are? We want to hear about it. Let us know what pieces you haven’t been able to live without! Add some pictures if you feel inspired.