SassyBax Products for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Pregnancy. It can be such a beautiful time in a woman’s life. From the time you hear your little one’s heartbeat, to your baby bump showing, to when you feel that kick for the very first time.All these experiences, and so many more, come together to give you the most extraordinary 9 months of your life. Or at least that’s what the books and movies tell us. As wonderful as pregnancy can be, there’s a challenging side to it that’s not as rosy.

Nausea, swollen ankles and feet, breakouts, stretchmarks, exhaustion, and emotional roller coasters, just to name a few. And magically, when you hold your baby in your arms for the very first time, you forget about all of these things.

We could go on and on about the trials women go through when pregnant, but as we are not a pregnancy blog, we thought we’d talk to you today about the issue that caught our attention, trying to find bras and other comfortwear to fit your ever changing body.

We’ll start with the breasts. According to, by the second trimester, estrogen levels are on the rise! This causes the breasts to feel heavy and full as the milk ducts develop.

This could mean your breasts size goes up by one cup or even three! And there is the breast tenderness.

We don’t think worrying about what bra she’s going to wear should be added to a woman’s list of “to do’s” while she’s creating human life, so we’re happy to provide some comfort and peace during this time for women.

In all honesty, SassyBax never intended to be known as a great maternity bra. But it turns out it is really quite amazing.

Our goal is and has always been to provide comfort and confidence for our customers. How they choose to wear the product is totally up to them. Like most of our “medical” garments, using The Original Bralette as a maternity bra, came out of customer discovery. The reviews trickled in at first, but soon we were swimming in stories about how excited these women were when they realized their SassyBax Bralette turned out to be the bra they were looking for. Why? Because it grows with you!

See what SassyBax customer Rya has to say about the Original Bralette as her go-to maternity bra.

“I have tried so many bras and been disappointed it’s not even funny. That is until I discovered SassyBax. I am 6 months pregnant with a natural D cup. Even without being pregnant, it was impossible to find a comfortable bra until I put the Sassybax bralette on. It changed my entire bra life.

The fabric comfortably stretches. I can put the bralette on comfortably and without doing any acrobatics. I have a heavy cup without the addition of pregnancy; support matters to me.

It lifts and supports! The straps are the perfect width, and so soft on my shoulders. The sides are just the right height to sit comfortably under the armpit, and I can’t even feel it. It separates the cups, and I do not have a uni-boob. The shape looks natural under any clothing. This will be the only bralette I will be using from now on.”

Of course, we know that when it comes to maternity bras, your options are pretty much endless.

Every department store or online undergarment shopping site, is likely to have “the perfect bra for you.”

Or maybe you have that bra in your drawer already if you own a SassyBax Original Bralette. A bra designed without seams or hardwire to pinch, chafe, dig, or poke you. A bra that feels like a second skin the moment you put it on.

But if it’s not? All you have to do is click here!

Stories like Rya’s made us wonder, could there be other SassyBax products that could support women during and perhaps even after pregnancy? We took a dive into our reviews and customer experiences and found out it’s not just our bras that pregnant women everywhere are raving about. Our compression leggings seem to be all the rage too! The Convertible Legging, for example, has a double layer belly band to hold and support the tummy and hips while the soft Microfiber fabric is as comfy as it gets. (Check with your doctor before using any compression garment on your tummy.)

Here’s what our customer Katherine says about the Convertible Legging:

“I have tried them all. Spanx, Lululemon, Yummie, Lyse. NONE are nearly as slimming, supportive in the belly, and comfortable. The waist band DOES NOT ROLL which is because it's a couple inches above my natural waist. So even when I sit for hours, I stand up and don't have to pull them up. I have 12 pairs now and just bought another. Thanks SassyBax!!!”

Now we know that things don’t just snap back into place once the baby is born. Post-pregnancy recovery can actually be harder for some women than giving birth. That’s why we were thrilled to hear that our Booty Boosting Leggings were being praised for postpartum comfort. According to Gretchen:

“Good quality leggings. Nice and thick, and definitely suck in and firm up the legs. I recently gave birth and was looking for a pair of shapers to wear while getting back in shape. I'm 5'4, normally 105 lbs, currently 119 lbs. The size small fits. It is snug but does not cut off circulation.”

Reviews like Katherine, Gretchen, and Rya’s are just a few joyful reminders of what’s really important to us at SassyBax, and that’s you, the customer. No matter the stage of life, we have aimed, and always will aim, to support women in comfort and confidence.

*Please note it is not known if Katherine was pregnant at the time of her review.