Our Story


The SassyBax® brand stands for comfortable, supportive, quality shapewear that’s made for women’s bodies of every shape and for each season of life.

When Amanda created her groundbreaking, seamless knit bra in 2003, it was to solve a personal issue; which was that the backstrap on bras cut into her back and created bra bulge. Not willing to accept the status quo and being the determined woman that Amanda is, she decided to invent a solution.

Italian technology combined with a unique design was the beginning of a new kind of bra known as SassyBax®. Not only did the bra solve the problem, even more importantly, it started a comfort revolution; one that had thousands of women ditching every bra in their drawer in favor of SassyBax®.

Neiman Marcus became our first national customer and the media took notice. Oprah Magazine, The Today Show, Rachel Ray and The View helped propel the brand to 1 Million dollars in sales in the first year. That lead to an entire line of products sold online.

The brand that Amanda pioneered over 15 years ago, continues to support women in comfort every single day. Join the millions of women who wear their SassyBax® with confidence!