Meet Amanda And Read Our Origin Story

In 2003, the only shapewear that existed was Spanx®, and it was essentially control panty hose with no legs. The bras on the market were the same as the ones designed in the 1950's. Ironically, they were designed by men, not the women bound by them! Maybe not so ironic. 

I hated bras. They made my back lumpy and bumpy. I was fairly fit but being at 46 years old, bodies change and mine was different than it was at 20. For example, when I wore  tight sweater, I thought surely there must be a better undergarment for the upper body that made you look great from 360 degrees not just the front. After an exhaustive shopping trip I found that, pitifully, nothing existed that fit my needs which weren't that complicated; to be comfortable and look my best. 

When a well intentioned salesperson told me I would simply have to get used to looking lumpy, bumpy, and worst of all uncomfortable because “all bras are like that,” I decided the only thing left to do was solve the problem myself.

I rushed home, pulled out a pair of control top Spanx®, cut off the legs, cut out the crotch, turned it upside down, slipped it over my head and arms and…Voila! I had a smooth back. Problem solved! Well, almost.

After a few tweaks like sewing a couple of cups into my crude prototype, I realized that I had invented something unique. I had made the perfect bra! That was the beginning of SassyBax®.

Now I needed a crash course in manufacturing and securing buyers.  SassyBax first major customer was Neiman Marcus! Running the business from my garage in Marina Del Rey, California, the company hit $1 million in sales, had 3 employees and was featured in Time Magazine and on The Today Show and Good Morning America.

Over fifteen years and millions of bras later, our mission is still the same: To provide comfortable, supportive, seamless bras and shapewear to women who dare to follow their dream.

SassyBax® is considered the first of a new generation of bras. According to Oprah Magazine, “SassyBax® is the greatest invention since the fork.”