How do I choose my size?

Please refer to the size chart Size Guide. If you have a tape measure, take your measurements across the widest part of the bust, under your bust, your waist and the widest part of your hips.

This is truly the best way to get the best fit because all companies size a bit differently.

If you have any further questions please text or call us at 310-717-7095. Or email us at customerservice@SassyBax.com


Where are SassyBax® made?

All our products are made in Los Angeles, California. We take pride in our quality and are able to carefully oversee the factory due to it's location.


Are SassyBax® products good for after surgery?

Yes, in fact many of our products are used in hospitals and at doctor's and plastic surgeon's offices. We are not a medical product and do not make medical claims but hear from customers and doctors the benefits they have experienced with them.


Can I use my prosthesis in your bras?

So many women and doctors were using our Bralette post mastectomy, we were asked to create it with a pocket inside. We listened and designed The Extra-Support Bralette which holds prosthesis, and is also Medicare Approved. While it can be worn without a prosthesis it is an option for those who do.


How do I get in and out of my SassyBax® if there is no opening at the back.

We recommend that you step into your SassyBax® as you would a bathing suit. Adjust your breasts to fit into the cup properly.


Are SassyBax®® good for pregnancy and nursing?

Yes. Our Bralette is the most comfortable bra for pregnancy because as your breasts become larger, the bra stretches to accommodate you. This eliminates the need for purchasing too many new bras. For nursing, the cup is easily pulled down because of the stretchy knit fabric. Post delivery, the Torso Trim, and Convertible Leggings with the ultra high waist band can help your tummy skin go back to how it was before pregnancy.


How should I care for my SassyBax® products?

We recommend the delicate cycle on your washing machine, or hand washing with cool water. tumble dry on low heat or air dry. With wired bras, we recommend hand washing in a mild soap and air dry. This will increase the life of any wired bra significantly. As with all Lycra products, heat degrades elasticity.

We also suggest that you not pull or tug with long fingernails or wear pronged rings when putting seamless knit garments on. Our Classic Collection products are a knit so like any knit product, they will tear or run if you put a hole in them.


My SassyBax® is rolling. What's going on?

Most likely you have chosen a size that is too small for you. If you are talking about the Torso Trim Cami style, do not pull it down past your hip bone. Rest the hem on your hip bone. If it still rolls, you need a larger size or it may be the wrong garment for you.