The SassyBax Journey: Part 1

The Birth of SassyBax

It all started in a dressing room. SassyBax creator and founder, Amanda Andereck, was out shopping one day when she found herself in a situation every woman can relate to. After slipping on a tight sweater, which highlighted her assets beautifully, she turned around and saw it. An image we all dread. Back fat, bra bulge, those unsightly lines created by the straps of your bra. No matter how great a fit the sweater, shirt, or dress’s no match for bra bulge.

Annoyed and somewhat discouraged, Amanda ventured out of the dressing room in search of a sales associate. When she finally found one she was met with an apathetic shrug and a vague explanation of “that’s just what bras do.”

This wasn’t good enough for Amanda. She went home that day and started brainstorming. Surely she wasn’t the only woman in the world who felt this way. A solution had to exist. Grabbing a pair of old panty hose and some scissors, Amanda got to work. She cut out the legs, flipped them upside down, and slipped them on. After stitching in some cups for support, the first SassyBax bralette prototype was born.

Finding Support

The concept, in and of itself, was simple. A seamless bra that would fit like a second skin under almost any article of clothing. A bra that eliminated the back fat and accentuated the beautiful natural curves of the female figure. It was revolutionary, disruptive, and a statement against the status quo.

The idea was strong. Finding support however, wasn’t easy. 44 manufacturers told Amanda it couldn’t be done. 44 different people said there was no way to make a garment like the one she envisioned. Needless to say, 44 people were wrong. When she finally found a manufacturer that was willing to take on the challenge, she became unstoppable.

The Start Of A Revolution

Officially starting her company SassyBax in 2004, Amanda would soon find herself at the helm of a comfort revolution. She was the first to say that looking good in your clothes didn’t have to mean giving up on comfort.

Confidence comes from within, and when you feel good, you look good. A simple notion? Maybe. But it was one that women rallied around.

“My last review was written November 16, 2015. This is the fourth batch of seven bralettes I have purchased over the years. I expect these SassyBax to wear just as perfect as my very first purchase years ago. I look great coming and going!” - Barabara

“It’s simply the best and most comfortable bra I have ever worn. I’ve struggled my whole life to find a bra that doesn’t hurt and actually supports me. The SassyBax bralette does way more than that. It is so comfortable and supportive at the same time. It’s the only bra I will ever wear from now on. Thank you so much SassyBax!” - Annie

“This is hands down the most comfortable bra I have ever worn and I would highly recommend it to friends and family. I am a larger bust size and I can comfortably play tennis in it, as there is enough support to be able to do that. I bought the original bralette and also the one with underwire support and they are equally comfortable.”- Nancy

Eventually incorporating the groundbreaking technology of a 360 degree knitting machine, now used by companies like Athletica, Nike, and Lululemon, Amanda found herself on a path to overwhelming success. Within a year, she had sold over $1 million dollars worth of stock from her garage in Marina Del Rey. Neiman Marcus was her first customer, but soon SassyBax became a staple in retailers around the country.

The Choice to Stay Put

As the company grew, the cost of manufacturing grew as well. It was tempting to find a cheaper way to make her pieces, but the factory conditions overseas were something Amanda just couldn’t stomach. She also didn’t want to sacrifice quality control. She refused to use the toxic fabric dyes often associated with foriegn manufacturers. Exposing her customers to such toxins was a non-starter.

Choosing to keep manufacturing in the U.S., using only premium materials, didn’t come without a cost, but for her, it was worth it. If you ask her again today, Amanda has no regrets. She’s proud her products are American made.

In addition to being a champion of ethically sourced materials and labor, Amanda prides herself on the sustainability of SassyBax.

If you scour the SassyBax website, you’ll find customer reviews like, “I still have the first bra I bought from SassyBax in 2005!” That is the definition of sustainability and proof that quality counts. Or, “I bought this bra when I was pregnant, wore it throughout my pregnancy and for years after. It was a relief to not have to buy multiple bras that I would have to throw out.”

To put it simply, SassyBax is the opposite of fast fashion. We’ll stay with you, through every phase of life.

If you get as excited about sustainability and made in America products as we do, you’ll love our upcoming photo essay on exactly how SassyBax is made!

Looking to the Future

The road hasn’t always been easy, but that’s ok. Amanda has never been one to turn down a challenge. Moving forward with her original purpose to empower and encourage confidence, SassyBax is poised to be embraced by a whole new generation of women.